The Western Canon

"Achilles and Ajax Playing Dice"

"Dancing Revelers"

The Christ Pantocrator

Madonna Enthroned

Madonna Enthroned

Saint Francis Preaching to the Birds


Christ Entering Jerusalem

Madonna Enthroned

The Allegory of Good Government

Infancy of Christ

The Tribute Money

Merod Triptych

Ghent Altarpiece

The "Arnolfini Portrait"

St. Sebastian

Double Portrait of Battista Sforza...

The Garden of Earthly Delights

An Old Man and a Young Boy

St. Francis in Ecstasy


The Virgin of the Rocks

The Birth of Venus

The Last Supper


Mona Lisa

Ceiling, Sistine Chapel

School of Athens

Virgin Among Virgins

Isenheim Altarpiece

Death and the Maiden


Landscape with St. Jerome

The Descent from the Cross

The Assumption of the Virgin

The Entombment


The Battle of Issus

The Last Judgment

The Madonna with the Long Neck

Venus of Urbino

Henry VIII

Stucco Figures

Pope Paul III and His Grandsons

Allegory of Venus

Portrait of Eleanora of Toledo Her Son

The Meat Stall

The Return of the Hunters

Perseus and Andromeda

The Burial of Count Orgaz

A Young Man Among the Roses

The Last Supper

The Musicians

Contarelli Chapel

The Conversion of St. Paul