The Western Canon

Rule of Saint Benedict

The Quran

Lindisfarne Gospels


Palace Chapel of Charlemagne

De Divisione Naturae/Periphyseon

Musica Enchiriadis

Joshua Roll

Gero Crucifix

Harbaville Triptych

Virgin of Essen

Christ Blessing Emperor Otto II

The Gospel Book of Otto III

Abbey Church of St. Michael's

Bronze Doors of Bishop Bernward

Church of Sant Vicenç

Song of Roland

Mosaics, Church of the Dormition

Pisa Cathedral

Baptistery of San Giovanni

St. Mark's Basiilica

Bayeux Tapestry

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Speyer Cathedral

Abbey Church of Cluny

Durham Cathedral

Priory of Saint-Pierre

Mass for Christmas Day

Tristan and Iseult

"Jubilemus Exultemus"

Sarcophagus of Doña Sancha

The Four Books of Sentences

Ordo Virtutum

Averroes's Treatises on Aristotle

"Can Vei la Lauzeta"

Commentary on the Mishna

"Viderunt Omnes"

"A Chantar M'er De So"

"Ave Virgo Virginum"

"Nu Alrest Lebe Ich Mir Werde"

Cantar de Mio Cid

Cantigas de Santa Maria

The Romance of the Rose

"Factum Est Salutare Dominus"

La Quarte Estampie Royal

"Jeu de Robin et Marion"